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When I was young I was into sketching. I’d spend hours studying the face of my grandmother just to draw her eyes as they really looked. I fell in love with photography in my teens when I realized that it was a lot quicker to take a photo than to spend an hour on a sketch. My first camera was a hand-me-down that was worth less than the film I was putting in it. It had a meter inside that would indicate whether I had proper exposure. At the time it was just fun, not serious, and hardly anyone knew I loved it so much.

Nothing will kick-off a budding photography career like a beautiful child. My daughter came into our lives and made it just about impossible to avoid taking tens of thousands of photos. In fact, we have tubs full of pictures that she will have to file through some day. I knew it was still a hobby, but it felt more like an obsession. When friends started getting married, and I was the photographer, it was clear that the hobby had become something truly meaningful to more than just me. Quite unexpectedly, I found that I was excited to help couples have the best wedding possible. It became clear that my lifelong obsession with art and photography, especially the art of people, was an obsession that was ideal for wedding photography. I had become a wedding photographer, fully engrossed in the art, science, technique, and styling of this art form. I had become quite content with the idea of spending every waking moment living photography.

Recently, a young man came to us wanting to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal.  It's a great story that I hope you will love as much as we do.


Colton had a plan and we couldn't wait to help out.  Weeks before the session he sat with Chris and I to plan the perfect proposal.  Chasity was to know nothing about his plans until the very last minute.  It was Christmas time, so there was no doubt in her mind that we were simply going out of our way to put together the best set of Christmas card images anyone could imagine.

We started out at Moody Mansion in Galveston, TX, which was decked out beyond belief. Christmas at Moody Mansion is unbelievable.  A Christmas tree for every room and the normal grander of the mansion's preserved history come together to set the stage for an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for a couple's love.  After we shot for just about an hour at the mansion, it didn't seem like she knew what was about to happen.  The secret was still safe.


The plan was to eat dinner and relax a bit before the big moment. We spent about an hour to make sure we had plenty of photos before the proposal.  We chose a short section of beach just east of Pleasure Pier under Murdoch's in Galveston, TX.  The weather was a little chilly, but everyone was having such a great time that we didn't mind.  Chasity had the perfect dress on for some beautiful images of her dancing in the water and she was game for it.  Photographers can't asks for a moment better than we someone is willing to get in the water.  Awesome!!!

Colton and I had agreed roughly on timing and signals to make sure we were both ready.  We would take some shots with a few props and eventually do an "I Got Her Back" scene.  In this scene Colton would stand behind Chasity in a pose of support.  Like, mess with her!  Go ahead. I dare you.


It all played out perfectly.  I gave the signal and set the moment.  Colton got down on one knee and Chasity turned to find him kneeling.  At first she didn't understand and actually turned back to me unaware that he was proposing.  Then the waterworks started.  As she turned back to Colton, it became absolutely clear to her that this wasn't just a Christmas shoot.  By the way, it was a Yes!!!

It's clients like this and times like this that I am struck by how lucky I am to have fallen into a profession I love.  Being a part of the lives of others is amazing.  Knowing that years from now, no decades from now, I will see those same pictures floating in social media and remembering the moments as clearly as the couple does, makes this art pretty awesome.

We would love to help you capture your special moments.  Give us a call.

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