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The Browns' Dream Wedding - SB Photo

I can still remember the first time I ever picked up a camera – it was 2006, and I was a wee, high school gal with big dreams. I didn’t know photography would mean anything more to me than just a “profile pic” for MySpace and for memory keepsakes, but something changed in me that day. My first pet – the beautiful, queen of a cat, Sassy – and I went out into my mom’s garden and spent hours rolling around in the flowers (she did most of the rolling around), and I snapped photos like it was my last day on Earth. From then on, I was hooked.

That love and passion for photography has only grown over the years, and it’s led me to some pretty incredible places and opened me up to so many incredible opportunities. With every session, I’m overwhelmed by the end because of how thankful I am that people – whether a friend before or a friend after – asked me to be a part of a moment, a big day, or a milestone in their life. It’s an incredible feeling and one that I have promised to never take for granted.

Recently, one of my most favorite shoots (although, admittedly, I pretty much say that after every event or session) was a wedding for a dear friend I went to high school with, Chelsey, and her now-husband(!), Matthew.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown ~   

This wedding was one full of love and loyalty, which surprisingly enough, can be hard to see sometimes at weddings. The overall stress of planning a wedding and getting everyone to pitch in, so I’ve witnessed, is quite difficult – but for Chelsey and Matthew, it seemed it was more so the issue of having too many loved ones trying to pitch in! What a lucky pair, am I right?

Chelsey and Matthew exude the kind of love we all dream of – true, patient, incredibly and honestly kind, giving. It was an honor to be able to capture this love and what it meant to their loved ones as the day unfolded.

From preparation, to first looks, to the big kiss – this wedding is one of my favorites because of all the love and emotion you could feel in every moment – and then that translated so beautifully into the photos.

Weddings should always be a time of love and celebration, and that is exactly the case with Chelsey and Matthew’s wedding. I was so grateful to be a part of it!

To me, the greatest gift photography gives us is being able to make connections with those we love, those we have yet to know and love, and being able to remember those moments forever after that. There is no better feeling than the smile and warmth that comes back to us when looking at a photograph, remembering that memory, as if happened yesterday.

Cheers to our memories and our photos – always!

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