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brooke alaina | chicago wedding + lifestyle photographer

Hey, friends! I’m Brooke, a Chicago + Midwest based wedding and lifestyle photographer. If I’m being totally honest, I got into this whole wedding thing by accident; I had been photographing families and portrait sessions for a few years prior, in addition to teaching English Composition at two local colleges, and was a bit reluctant to dive into the wedding world. Slowly, surely, I found myself falling for so many aspects of this job – the candidness, the couples, the unexpected moments, the rush of emotions, and in short, getting to spend my days photographing people having one of the best days of their entire lives.


Wedding photography, to me, isn’t really about the weddings, per se – photographing a wedding day is about capturing who these people are and what moves them, both individually and together. My goal is to capture the groom in a manner that makes his family members say, “I feel like I can hear his laugh!” when they look at the image, or the bride’s expression when she and her mother lock eyes for the first time once she’s in her dress; in short, I aim to document the emotiveness, as sincerely as possible.


These images are from Jacqueline and Drew’s wedding, a couple who married this past August. I loved photographing these two because there's a sort of gravitational pull between them; while obvious in many of the public moments throughout their wedding day, it was subtle and unassuming in the quieter ones. It was in the way that Drew's hand lightly grazed Jacqueline's back during their receiving line, and the way they grinwhen the other one cracks a joke, and the way a certain song came on during their reception and they immediately both moved to seek the other one out on the dance floor amidst their wedding guests. These quiet moments balanced with their equally lively spirits are exactly what make their love so exhilarating to observe, and to photograph.


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