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Brianna Bird Photography

As a photographer, I'm given the honor of documenting the most sentimental and significant aspects of life. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, I have a strong passion for connecting with people and telling their stories. True, uninhibited, spectacular stories. Doing so has taken me on some remarkable adventures.

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Hey, I'm Brianna.

I've owned my business, Brianna Bird Photography, for six years now and it's been the most incredible blessing. I believe in spontaneity and simply having fun. Ultimately, I take on a very lifestyle and photojournalistic method of shooting.


As one of my favorite sessions, I'm presenting you with Lennon's One Year Shoot. Children are rewarding to photograph. There's no denying the obstacles that come along with doing so, though. And that's why I love it even more.


Children are true. They're honest and their emotions are raw.

Which is perfect when paired with the style of photographing I set out to provide.



Meet Lennon. The celebration of her first year was so lovely. I've been documenting her life since she was a few days old. For her one year shoot, we ventured to one of my favorite forests in Kentucky. Her mother dressed her in a precious bohemian outfit and we let her run wild. She picked flowers and played around in the lush clovers.

Her floral headband, bright blue eyes, beautiful blonde hair, and dreamcatcher cake topping made the detail shots such a joy to capture.


For the 'smash the cake' portion of Lennon’s shoot, we hung up a flowing, white canopy from the trees and she adored it. A perfectly sweet ending to celebrate Lennon.

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