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Brenda Howe Photography

Hi everyone!  I live in Greenfield, Minnesota with my husband Brian and our 4 children ages 6-21.

I have loved photography pretty much my whole life. My father was into photography so I grew up with a darkroom in the basement and he taught me to develop film and prints.  I have so many happy memories spending time with my Dad doing something we both enjoyed so much.

After many years working in Minneapolis as a Paralegal and homeschooling my older children, I launched a part time portrait photography business about 5 years ago.

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I love photographing High School Seniors and families, and am passionate about making portraits and capturing images that show women and girls in particular how beautiful they are.

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My Senior Sessions are high energy, fast moving and fun!  A session I did a few weeks ago ranks right up at the top of my list.  I had photographed Rachel a few years ago so I knew she was easygoing and would be fun to work with for her Senior Photos.  We live in a rural area and her session reflected that with a beautiful "country" look.  She booked my longest session so we had time to go to several different locations.  We started in a wheat field, went on to a beautiful local property with a pretty driveway and fencing, and ended at her home on the river for some shots by the water.  She came prepared with awesome clothes, beautiful hair and makeup, and a friend who turned out to be a top notch assistant!

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I dropped a speed light in the river during her session but we carried on and got great images anyway.  Note - After I got home I tried putting it in a container with rice.  I hear all the time about how people save their phones that have gotten wet with this trick.  It did not work.  And then after 5 days - SUCCESS!  It turned on and is good as new.


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Rachel's photos are beautiful, and I'm thrilled to share some of them with you here.

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