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Let's have a chat. Go grab a cup of coffee (no really, go do it!) and get comfortable. I want to share something from the heart with you. First, before we delve into that story, let me share a little bit about myself.

My name is Tanya Lyn and I am a very proud wife and mother of two. I have owned Belly Glow Photography studio since 2010 when we first launched! I live with my family in Oceanside, California and would never dream of moving! I love everything about my sleepy little town by the sea.

My brand is focused around everything motherhood. Newborn, Maternity, Mommy & Me, Nursing Mothers, Fresh 48, and Family sessions are all part of what we offer at Belly Glow.

I'd like to share with you one of my favorite sessions today. This session is very near and dear to my heart. I had my youngest at age 35. My pregnancy was considered a very high risk because I have suffered epilepsy for years. Doctors were afraid that my pregnancy was going to be too hard on my heart. I was told right from the start that I would not carry to term and even if I did she would not be healthy, and even after that I could never nurse my child.

Well...what do doctors know anyway? After 9 sweet months with no complications at all I delivered a healthy and very happy baby girl. We named her Kailani and she has been the love of my life. Being the rebel that I can be I once again ignored the doctors and slowly weaned myself off all my seizure medications and began to nurse my infant. I couldn't believe how rewarding and intimate nursing was for my daughter and I both! I am so proud to say that we successfully nursed until she was well over 2 years.

This session means so much to me because of my journey through pregnancy and breastfeeding my child. It's what inspired me to entirely go another direction in my work. I was once a wedding and portrait photographer and have completely abandoned that to Maternity & Newborn! I had finally found my voice and my "why!"

We captured this session in San Diego, CA under a gorgeous cactus tree. When I saw it, I knew it was the perfect location for our shoot. The concept was "giving life where there is no life." As a mother gives life to her child, the environment around them is not one that easily sustains life. The dress my client is wearing was hand made by Olivia Grace Fashion specifically for our shoot! The fresh flower head wreathes were made by hand by my client herself.

I wanted to snag a few "milestone" images of Charlotte her gorgeous 6 month old. I mean just look at those eyes! Kills me! The intention of this session is to inspire mothers around the world to fully embrace their motherhood and know that they are contributing to life in a way that is unmatched. You are strong! You are able! You are beautiful! You are needed! Without you the world would not thrive. So here's to all my fellow mothers out in the world, go embrace your motherhood fully!

You can view more of my work here.

Wishing you an incredible 2018!

Tanya Lyn - Belly Glow Photography San Diego, CA

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