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BellaVieve Photography | Kentucky Based Photographer

Hey guys! I'm Bobbi Nannery of BellaVieve Photography! I am a professional photographer out of Bardstown, Kentucky. My main specialty is children and families, weddings are fun, but nothing beats photographing a fantastic kid or family. I cant even remember when i started taking pictures, because i was very little. With disposable camera in hand I would ride around on the farm with my grandparents taking images of the sky and landscape. As I reached high school I moved to wildlife photography, which I took with me to college where my study was Wildlife Management, but my passion for photography was strong, so in 2009 I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Photography. I took photos of wildlife for private collectors, where my work has been seen around  the world. After college I began getting clients for weddings, events, theater and everything under the sun! During this time I became a product photographer for 2 major online retailers, for 5 years I took images of products for people to buy, more than likely you've bought something that I photographed. My passion quickly grew stronger and I left my full-time gig as a product photographer and went for my dream! My daughter, who is almost 5 is my main model, and lets me experiment shoot ideas on her. She is a trooper, a sassy trooper.


My favorite shoot so far with children is a most recent one, which I've been experimenting with my mirriorless Sony a7. The quality of that camera is amazing, put it together with an awesome kid and boom, you get a soft, fairy tale-ish image. The lighting during this shoot was amazing, it was sunset during a warm day in May. The planets aligned for the feeling I was trying to convey.


Kids are honest and silly, and if they're having a bad day, they're going to let you know. This still doesn't stop me from getting them to have a good time, patience is something you have to have when photographing kids. These images of Bebe are a perfect example, she was feeling quite goofy, and I captured that perfectly.


With my fine art background in photography, I like to try to tell a story through my images, and keep that fine art feel to them.

DSC01468DSC01427 DSC01542DSC01430

Even when photographing children, I still try to capture the small details. Such as the flowers on this crown, and just changing up my positioning. I'm often all over the place, laying on the ground, up high, i like to move around.


Kids are only kids for a short time. As I watch my baby grow, it makes me realize how little time we actually get to be kids, which fuels my drive to capture the innocence of  them. Let them be little, let them play, let them learn and experience life.


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