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Becca Hope Photography

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Hello! My name is Becca and this has been my passion for about five years now. I picked up my first camera when I was sixteen and have been working hard to build up my career as a professional photographer ever since. As soon as I graduate from my college career, I plan on working as a freelance photographer while traveling the world. Let’s hope I can make my dreams a reality.


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This is my most recent and favorite photo shoot I’ve done this engagement season. With the help of my talented Fiancé, we’ve worked as a team to create the perfect moments for every couple. The lighting was spectacular as it set over the park. I always have such a blast when we try to get the perfect shot even if it means sitting in a moist field of grass or stepping over little swamps of mud. Photos may look glamorous, but most of the time my clients work just as hard as I do to create the most beautiful photos.


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My favorite part of any photo shoot is bringing out the emotion. Directing my subjects into the right position doesn't always create the effect I'm looking for. I strive to find the real thing, the true love that every couple has for each other. It was very easy with these two!



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