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Most Beautiful Portrait Session

Columbia SC Newborn Photographer

I was recently asked what my most favorite session is that best represents my brand. The short answer is, one that feeds my soul. Let me explain. When I see a mother and child together, it fills me with so much joy. The child, in all his or her innocence, depends completely upon the mother and the mother would die for her child. She takes him into her arms shielding him from the world, an envelopment of pure nurturing sacrificial, unconditional love. There is nothing she wouldn't do for her child. Mothers suffer a lot. Being a mom is a thankless, pay-less job and as she grows tired and weary of life, she would never give it up.

Photographing Mothers and Babies

The essence of my amazing job is this beautiful life-story between mom and baby. The very heart of my business is women. Being a mother myself, I understand completely what it is like to give all of you and to lose yourself in the world of another tiny person. I believe in giving, serving, and loving but I also believe in celebrating. I am here to celebrate you, mom when no one else is notices. From the moment that baby breathes life through those first steps, year after year the story of his or her life unfolds and so does mom's. You help to bring forth a miracle. The mother and baby bond is like no other and mom deserves to be remembered and celebrated for it all. When she is tired and lost in the day to day, I am here to photograph her too and remind her that her beauty never left, rather it was made full. I want to remind her of the the story of her life from young to old and every beautiful heart-shaping, life-changing moment in between. That is what I do.

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