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AX2D PHOTOGRAPHY | LIFE, LOVE & FAMILY | San Diego, California

A photographer is a person from the outside looking in. Their job is to see things, perhaps, others may not see - a different perspective, a different view. Their goal is to capture moments - freezing them in time through photography. Their job is to tell a story and to document life.

That's what photography is all about. Sure, posed moments are a necessity sometimes, but through my personal experience, it's the unposed and in between moments that shine brightest and become the majority of photos I choose to edit.

Our Work

If asked what is my favorite photoshoot, it'd be hard to say. But there is one wedding that is closest to my heart and comes to mind as my most cherished and enjoyable experience. The reason I say this is because the photos themselves were my gift to the bride and groom.  The groom happened to be my brother. The bride, was the long awaited person who became and is now my sister-in-law.

Some people asked "why would you choose to be the photographer at your own brother's wedding?". For me, it was a special bonding time. Who else is closest and gets to spend the most one-on-one time with the to the bride and groom during a wedding? The answer: THE PHOTOGRAPHER, of course!

Our Photography: Who are we? A x 2 what?

We started this company in 2008 in Santa Monica, California. Of course, as our name dictated, we decided to name ourselves A x 2 - Andrew & Amy - Design & Photography or AX2D Photography.

Andrew knew my love for photos and photography. It all stemmed from my childhood - namely my influence from my father who was and is still an avid photographer and camera collector. I was rarely ever without a camera. But what drove me to this profession was the fact that I wanted my kids to be documented as beautifully as I was as a baby and child. And hopefully, I've been able to accomplish a little of that.

Fast forward 10 years and this is the result.

Although things have slowed down a little, there is no doubt I will continue on my photographer's path.

Of course, since 2008, we are no longer A x 2 - not that we would change our name anyways. But since our humble beginning, we've become A x 5.

Life has been crazy. Between being a wife, a full time mother of three and a photographer, life has been busy and messy. But, these three are and always will be my main inspiration and why I'll keep picking up my camera.

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