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Hi! My name is Aubrey and I'm the owner of Aubrey Erin Photography.

I’ve been in business officially for six years but have been shooting for over 10. I earned my degree in photography in 2010 from the University of Central Missouri with a specialty in portraits. I began this journey with a desire to shoot media and sports photography, but when I realized some of those photographers get pummeled by massive football players, I thought I’d play it a little safer (and save my limbs) by dabbling in portraits. I soon realized my love for interacting with people which made portrait photography a beautiful fit for me.


I take a wide variety of portraits but wedding photography is DEFINITELY my jam. I love everything about learning each couple’s unique love story. I thrive on discovering how they love each other, what they love to do together as a couple, and what their future plans are.

My process includes getting to know my clients over several months and, if I can help it, shooting their engagement photos, which gives my clients and I some time to get to know each other and build trust beforehand. I prefer using verbal prompts above stagnant posing in order to get as much genuine interaction from them as possible during the shoot. It’s much more real and beautiful that way and not only do the clients love their images for a lifetime, but they enjoy the experience as well, and that's what it's really about.

My editing style specifically is very light and airy. I love doing more dark and moody shots as well but I really love a light, warm image where you can feel the love and emotion.

I always aim to provide above and beyond service to my clients. As a photographer (especially on the wedding day), I wear many hats: planner, coordinator, therapist, and friend, among others. I especially love the friend part…I love getting to know them and those closest to them and feeling like a part of the family by the end of the day. I find so much joy and fulfillment in making my clients wedding day the best day ever for them.

This wedding is one of my favorites because I was able to spend some extra time with Shelby and Jesse throughout the day and honestly that’s my favorite part! The more time I can spend with them, the more stellar photo opportunities we have. The light was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. Shelby and Jesse’s families were so wonderful to work with as well and their bridal party was incredibly supportive. This is easily one of my favorite weddings of 2017!

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