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Ashley Strong Photography : Santa Cruz, California : Engagement Portraits

Hello again friends! My name is Ashley Strong, the oh so grateful photographer for Ashley Strong Photography. Originally, from the Southern part of California. Raised in a small town called Oceanside. Sprouted in the community of Long Beach and found my wings as an adventurer of this world, our world. Flying my wings. Expanding across the country. Into various islands and tropical environments. Through Central America. On the South East edge of Africa. Landing on Mafia Island. And a lot of South Africa in-between as that’s where the roots of my second home are growing as my fiancé was born and raised there.

The power of photography has been my vessel, bringing awareness to the expansiveness of my soul for the communities of the world to share, connect and uplift.  As you can witness throughout Ashley Strong Photography’s website, many forms of photography are prevalent in my life, therefore many other lives. I’ve had the honor of creating time capsules of those I experienced along my travels, of my love of a life partner and even more excitedly, of all my clients in the United States and Internationally. All leading to an even deeper connection, exchange and communication with the community that surrounds me and a society at whole. Each photographic moment bringing about an even greater happiness!

I travel throughout Southern and Northern California, the United States and Internationally for portfolio sessions and/or photographic projects. These very moments below, reflecting that of a very special destination engagement session in Santa Cruz, California. IMG_0834 IMG_0866 IMG_0982 IMG_1111

We started at Cafe Gratitude in Santa Cruz as that's where they had their first date. If you're not familiar with Cafe Gratitude, I suggest you do some research and even visit one of their locations as when you order, you do so with a positive affirmation, "I am creative. I am energized. I am nourished." It's a genius vegan/vegetarian organic positive affirmation type of environment. The perfect spot, I believe for a first date and the first location on the engagement session tour. The second, was a full of life, dynamic beach, Seabright State Beach.  We explored the backdrops of cliffs, driftwood, played in the water and even found ourself just steps away from the Santa Cruz Broadwalk. This a nostalgic moment for myself and my childhood. The final, grand finale of a location was that of Nisene Marks State Park. A forest of a dream. ​A place every special to both Shanna and Andrew and this is where Shanna runs on a regular basis and Andew joins in the bonding experience. Just being within these trees made for conscious, deep breaths as the air was so unbelievably fresh. IMG_1257 IMG_1421



IMG_1722 IMG_1831

To see the full blog post, explore here and for portfolios, explore here. For inquiries, availability or to just say hello... contact Ashley Strong with Ashley Strong Photography via email or 760.500.2829! 

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