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Eastern Washington, specifically Okanogan County, is know for its beautiful blue skies and unlike western Washington, many, many sunny days. When the bride and groom booked their wedding with me I thought September would be nothing but fabulous weather! Well... we had great weather but we also had fire and lots of it.

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The bride and groom were very excited to be married and nothing was going to stop them. Their personalities allowed for a fun and creative type of photo shoot.

In addition to being a photographer my husband and I are also volunteer firefighters in north central Washington. I cannot begin to tell you how worried I was that this wedding was going to be challenged. However, being a firefighter allowed me to keep constant track of where the fire was headed and how it was being dealt with.

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Three days before the wedding the fires subsided and Veranda Beach, found along the Canadian border just outside of Oroville, was spared.

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The wedding day arrived and the bride and groom were relaxed and ready for their big day! Looking around you would never know fire was virtually everywhere, in every direction just a few short days before. The skies were blue, it was 100 degrees out, and this wedding was hands down one of the best and most fun for me. The only challenge we had was keeping the bride and groom from seeing each other before the "hitch".

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This wedding was so much fun, you could feel the adventure before it even began! From the moment I met them they talked with such love and respect for each other. They wanted their day to be about close friends and family and that is exactly what they got! Their friends were fun to be around - clearly had known each other for a while and loved the bride and groom to be! And their family members were so very thoughtful with their words and actions. It was truly a delight to photograph them all and help them begin their life together.

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I am passionate about photography because of the honesty that stands behind it. On your wedding day I begin your story... the story of the love you share with your partner, the love you have for your family and friends, the excitement, the nervousness, the details that went into the day, and the timeless passion that you feel for each other.

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