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Andrea O'Bert Photography

Hello! My name is Andrea O’Bert of Andrea O’Bert Photography, but you can call me Andi! I have been a portrait and event photographer in Tucson, Arizona for three years now, starting when I was just sixteen years old in high school! Photographing people has always been my passion, and I love the ability to capture pure emotion and individuality in every image.

In my work, I like to focus on raw moments as much as the posed images. Couples dancing, seniors laughing, children playing… All of these moments are unforgettable parts of our lives that deserve to be captured and immortalized. These are the types of moments that your grandchildren will pull out of the photo album and smile at. I work with all of my clients as friends, encouraging them to be comfortable in front of the camera and to let their personalities shine through!

Growing up in Tucson, I always found the desert landscape rather dull. That is, until I picked up the camera. Arizona sunsets shine like no other and there is something truly special about the way light reflects across the mountains and cacti. I love when clients are feeling adventurous and journey with me up a mountain to a spectacular vista, through a spiny field of cacti or across a fence into a sprawling field. Some of my favorite spots in Tucson are places like Saguaro National Park, where the immensity of the desert can be seen for miles and miles beneath the glow of the golden sun.

I believe photography is so important in today when we live in a world where over 38 billion photos are taken every day. These once in a lifetime moments: graduations, weddings, birthdays, and more, should be captured as more than just a snapshot, but a photographic memory that will last a lifetime and stand out of the 38 billion images. When I speak with my clients, I hope to show them the importance of investing in photography and investing in these memories that they will have for generations.

I feel so lucky to be able to work with so many amazing individuals from so many backgrounds and capture these important moments for them. I look forward to meeting more incredible people in the future and improving upon my skills every step of the way!



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