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An Intimate Oceanside Wedding | Purposefully Given Photography

There is one word that describes this Florida wedding: unpredictable. While the bride and groom originally anticipated saying their vows in rays of sunshine and doing their first dances out on an elegant patio, they received the opposite. Three days before their expected wedding date, I got a phone call from the bride who was sweetly trying to keep a positive attitude about the monsoon coming their way while more than likely panicking on the inside. Thankfully, it was planned to be an intimate ceremony with only family attending, so they were able to have flexibility and change the ceremony to Friday rather than Saturday as planned. I was grateful to have the same flexibility to make the trip earlier! After photographing weddings for many years, I believe the couples who handle the unpredictability in their wedding day with grace are the most prepared for the marriage that awaits them after.


Friday came, and the Kate (bride) and Nate’s (groom) precious friends and family showered them with support and love, making the day more meaningful than ever. I loved watching the bridesmaids make Kate feel more beautiful than ever, and the groomsmen ease Nate’s nerves with humor. The day was off to a beautiful start.

The most meaningful moments of the day were the first looks that took place: one with the bride’s parents and the other with the bride and her groom. You could feel the love and support of Kate’s parents as they cried tears of joy looking at their daughter getting ready to be a wife. But nothing could come close to Nate’s face as he adoringly watched his bride-to-be walk towards him.

Finally, the ceremony. Intimate, purposeful, and surrounded by only the people that love them most. An overwhelming sense of joy was present as the bride and groom joined together as one.

The day ended in the most celebratory and beautiful way: the family waving streamers joyfully in the air as Kate and Nate ran down the pier to the beach. I happily photographed them until sunset sharing their first moments together as husband and wife knowing that they are going to remember this day, in all of it’s twists and turns, for the rest of their lives.

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