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Amanda Rachelle Photography: Southern California

Hello, Amanda Rachelle Photography here and I am super excited to share with all of a piece of my work. I remember growing up always wanting the newest and greatest camera for Christmas or birthdays. I was always walking around taking photos of friends and well probably really random stuff at the age of 13. My Sophomore year of High School my mom took my brother and I on a trip of a lifetime to Europe. I can't even explain how many photos I took...there were so many! This problem is still on my list--I take photos all the time. Even if its on my phone of my kids or at my session, I take more than enough. Of course back then my photos were taken off a tiny little power shoot digital camera but I can say thats was started my passion. Fast forward to six years and I bought my first Canon Digital Camera and here I am six years later still doing what I love. Its my passion. Each year I am always striving to be better than I was the previous year. The first couple of years was a lot of learning and testing all the gadgets on my camera. I love to self teach my self, it gives me the motivation and inspiration.

I would say my work is best defined as love, joy, and moments stopped in time. I love for some great photos that really bring out the personality's in people. I want to see what makes the family laugh, what makes the family love, and ideally, what makes them a a family. I shoot a wide variety of sessions including weddings, maternity, newborns, and my favorite--families. Being a family gal myself and having two of my own, I love to make my sessions fun. Each of my sessions you will find some genuine laughing photos and definitely some silly ones. Another quality in my work is details. Details in the eyes are on the top of my list to capture. You can really see the joy in someone with the ways their eyes smile.

If I can chase the sun it would be my ideal session. Sun glares and the airy essence in the photos is just what gets my gears grinding. Its a great thing I live in Southern California because we get some amazing sunsets all through out the year. Would you believe me if I told you that this session was taken in December! Yup, I said that correctly December with the highs of 80 that week. Its pretty amazing with our great weather but of course we could all do for some actual seasons. That's where my adventure self wants to pile the kids and husband in the car and go for a road trip. 

This family is full of giggles and sillyness. The awesome part about it is that I have been taking there photos for the past 5 years. It's crazy how much change can happen within just a year. I feel honored I get to see these kids growing up through my photos.

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