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Chicago Suburb Senior Session - Alex Marquardt: Alexandra Lee Photography

Hey there! I’m super excited to be writing on this blog! My name is Alex and my business is Alexandra Lee Photography which is located in the Chicago-Suburbs. I have been doing photography seriously now for 3 years.

I am currently a student at the University of Iowa and once I graduate, I plan to take my photography and business to the next level.


When I was younger, I was always infatuated with photographs. I love looking at photos and I especially love looking at old photos. In middle school, I was always that girl who had a camera with her to take pictures of my friends, family and I. When I got to high school, I made the decision right away that I wanted to be able to take the photography classes offered at my high school. Boy! I was glad I did!


I learned a lot in these classes and even got to dabble with film photography. I loved going to that class and I loved taking pictures. I even won 3rd place in our Art show for a film photo I took of the beach in Hawaii! 


My senior year of high school I started taking senior photos of my friends. I thought it was super fun and I loved making them feel great about themselves. That’s when I decided, “Hey! Let’s do this the rest of my life!”.


From there on out I started watching every video on the internet I could, took a photography class at Iowa, researched, read, and continued to learn on my own.



Now, I don't know everything, but I definitely have grown and I am willing to learn so much more! I take photos for friends, family, and friends of friends, while also working for Bella Baby Photography. I have shot families, seniors, weddings, couples, newborns, and engagements. Eventually, I want to have my niche be in seniors and weddings.


As far as photographic style, I would say my style is lifestyle and I use natural light. I think the light is so much prettier when using the natural light from the sun, especially during golden hour <3 I also think photos of people are so much prettier when they are happy and being themselves. When their expressions are real and you can see personality, that’s when I think I got a good photo!


I love all of my seniors I’ve done. I love all of my clients I have done. It is always SOOO hard to choose a favorite! They are all super great in front of the camera and they all take gorgeous photos. This one would be one of my favorites because I’ve known Malley for a long time! I was really good friends with her sister when I was younger and they live in my neighborhood. I also loved how unique and different each outfit she brought was and we came up with some great new locations around Aurora, Illinois as well. She is SUPER awesome in front of a camera, just as if she was a model her whole life! (Seriously Malley, you should go into modeling!)



My favorite part of taking photos of people is capturing emotion. I love the emotion that comes along with photographs, emotions while viewing the photos or emotions you can see in the photograph. My mission is to create photographs that are truly, uniquely YOU. I love photography and I can’t wait to continue to pursue it even farther after graduation! Thanks for everyone who has been there throughout this journey and thanks for reading!


Website: Facebook: Alexandra Lee Photography Instagram: @alexandraleephoto

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