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Howdy! I'm Alex, and I've been blessed with the opportunity to photograph couples. I think I enjoy shooting couples because it captures a story - all the romance, friendship, and sweet moments that go into the start of a marriage. Not just shooting for pretty pictures, but instead capturing two real people, from two different places, with quirks, family traditions, and  in love,

One of my favorite engagement photo sessions to date was in the East Texas, middle-of-July heat. Katie, Christian, and I ended drenched in sweat from the humidity; but, the gorgeous, warm sunset was too perfect to pass up. There were so many reasons I loved this session: the couple, the chemistry, the meaningful details with backstories, the light, the ranch we adventured through to find the perfect spots... everything about this shoot just came together so magically.


This '61 Ford Ranchero, affectionately named Alvin, wasn't just picture-perfect, it was also Christian's grandfather's car - his grandmother gifted the car to him after Christian spoke at his grandfather's funeral. The quilt used was made by Katie's great aunt. I loved getting to use these special details not just because they made for an ideal scene and pretty pictures, but they were loaded with sentimental value for the couple, and their families.


I try not to get "too posey" with my couples. I've found that the more they focus on each other, laughing, goofing off, looking into each other's eyes, the better the photos (and the more relaxed the couple); however, this is my favorite "pose". Its a great way to get the couple close together, but also be able to see the ring! I often find that the groom is even more excited than the bride to show off the ring.


I call these "nightstand" photos. One thing I try to do during engagement sessions and weddings is get a great solo shot of the bride and groom. I want to give them an image that they can keep on their nightstand until they are old and gray, remembering the love and passion they felt when they were young.


Candid. Candid. Candid. Christian is a jokester, so this made it very easy for me to capture those moments when he was goofing off with Katie. These are the kind of pictures I imagine couples busting out in 25 years to show their kids.


Of course I always try to get a few romantic pictures, also for the nightstand.


Lastly, I wanted to make sure I included their wedding date somehow. I channeled their sparkler send-off, and managed to get this shot on the dock right after sunset!


I was lucky enough to get to photograph Christian and Katie's wedding in College Station, TX on August 1, 2015. They were married by the pond at sunset, and had a reception in the barn! They road away in Alvin.


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