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The Adventure of a Lifetime with Red Coaster Photography

All weddings are beautiful, but the ones that scream adventure are our favorites. Adventures can be jumping off cliffs, hiking mountains, or scuba diving, but we believe that starting your life with your person is the ultimate adventure.

It's the kind of adventure that can't easily be described with words, but it can be seen and felt by anyone who gets the chance to witness it. That’s what we capture; a story that can be relived and retold over and over again throughout a lifetime together.

When you think about a wedding photographer, a lot of words probably come to mind, but adventurous might not be one of them. That’s why we work with the couples who are just a little bit different, like Alynnah and Nate. Ten months before their beautiful Beach wedding, we went to their house to take their engagement photos. An at-home engagement shoot; not super adventurous, right? Oh, it totally was.

From the moment we met them, we could tell these two were so in love with each other and their adventure together was just getting started. Between their engagement session and their wedding, we spent a lot of time getting to know them, which we believe is an incredibly important part of being able to truly tell someone’s story. We learned about their wedding plans and details… or lack there of. As two Type-A, hardcore planners, we were amazed to hear their easy-going, go-with-the-flow wedding day mindset. But as we learned more about them, we realized that their wedding didn’t revolve around plans and details because the only thing these two were looking at was each other.

Their wedding day was bookended by two hurricanes, but when we woke up on that Thursday morning in Pensacola Beach, there wasn’t a drop of rain in sight. Perfect puffy clouds and beautiful sunshine filled the sky. Even though they wouldn’t have cared if it wasn’t, their day was perfect. Every aspect was effortlessly beautiful and focused on one thing; the people who mean the most to them.

From the first bobby pin that was put in place all the way through the final dance, adventure filled our frames. It’s normal to have a lot of unusable photos from a 12 hour day; blinking, moving, and that family member who can’t seem to keep their eyes open. But Alynnah and Nates “bloopers” were different - they were still beautiful. When we looked through them, we laughed and said “awwwwww!” more than we ever have. We had trouble tossing them out. We even edited a few funnies and included them in their final photos, because it wouldn’t be a true love story without a few bloopers.

We don’t just consider ourselves photographers; we’re the biographers for one of the most important chapters of each couple’s story. Being a part of something so huge is such an honor, and we’re grateful for every adventure we get to be a part of. If you're getting ready to embark on your own ultimate adventure and you're looking for photographers to go on the journey with you, reach out to us! We're currently based in Dallas, but we really love to travel! To see more of our work or connect with us, visit our website or follow along on social media.

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