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A Memorable Micro Wedding in the Gardens at Storybrook Farm

Hello! My name is Brittany Jorgenson, and I am the venue director of Storybrook Farm in Jonesborough, TN. We are a small boutique wedding venue specializing in memorable micro wedding and elopement events. I love helping couples design unique and intimate occasions. Running a venue that also executes event concepts has given me an amazing opportunity to be a part of so many creative endeavors. The wonderful thing is that each event is always a personalized interpretation of a theme. No two weddings are ever exactly the same.

However, some stand out above the rest. The more specific, imaginative or fun the theme the more memorable they can become! Some of my favorite out-of-the-box descriptors have included  “rustic fish camp chic,” “Superman attends an afternoon tea,” and “grandma’s attic.” But one of my all-time favorites has to be the particularly memorable micro wedding that we hosted for Cearro and Javere late last fall, which was strikingly captured in the following images by Cable Photography.

Best. Theme. Ever.

When Cearro and I first started talking about her event she told me that she wanted something that spoke to her love of all things Victorian, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Austen and Downton Abbey.  She wanted something moody, dark and romantic yet a little playful. She also loved lots of candles and soft magical lighting. When she asked me “Is there a way we can reconcile it all?” my imagination lit up and I said “Absolutely, yes!” Together we came up with "Anne of Green Gables and Jane Austin have a moody Victorian garden party at Downton Abbey.” Best. Theme. Ever.

moody lightinga memorable micro wedding with elegant burgundy drapingGroom and garden bloomsreflectingcandle light reception during a memorable micro wedding at Storybrook Farm. Cable PhotographyVictorian couch

A Custom-Made Dream Come True

Cearro and Javere’s tiny thirteen person micro wedding was a custom-made dream come true, from the very specific theme  to the bridesmaid dresses, which Cearro hand tailored herself. The deep red, burgundy and dusty pink colors blended perfectly with the mood of the late autumn day. They had custom stationary and signs printed for their small event. We were even able to provide a Victorian style couch in their exact shade of pink. The reception table was adorned with fresh flowers and dark burgundy taper candles in mixed brass candlesticks.

Their event was decadently moody without being too dark. It paid homage to her favorite literary inspirations, and took place in a blooming garden with an abundance of romantic lighting. It was stunning!

Custom welcome sign at a memorable micro wedding at Storybrook Farm by Cable photographycustom bridesmaid dresses. Taken at Storybrook Farm by Cable Photographyburgundy, dusty pink, green and gold tablescapeelegant outdoor garden reception at a memorable micro wedding at Storybrook Farmwedding and groom's cake Sunset kiss at Storybrook Farm by Cable Photography

What Matters Most

The thing that really tied it all together, though, was the couple's amazing mind set and attitude going into it. Cearro, in particular, had some specific ideas of what she wanted, but she also stayed open to changes. Her trust, flexibility and go-with-the-flow attitude really gave us room to create an event that channeled the vibe that her heart had envisioned. That freedom let the couple focus on the things that were their real priority: joining their lives together, and having a wonderful time with their families who traveled so far to be here. Cearro and Javere’s micro wedding was personalized and unique, but most importantly it was heartfelt, relaxed and genuine. In the end, that is what truly makes an event stand out.  

Love is all you need. A memorable micro wedding at Storybrook Farm.

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Photo credit: Cable Photography

3 thoughts on “A Memorable Micro Wedding in the Gardens at Storybrook Farm”

  • LADonna Cable

    Beautiful story, thank you for including our photos! Such a great couple and venue!

  • Cearro Anderson
    Cearro Anderson November 6, 2018 at 6:32 am

    What an amazing anniversary present! Thank you for including our wedding, Brittany! Storybook Farms added something extra special to an already memorable day. Brittany worked diligently to give life to my imaginings. Warm staff and the beautiful grounds embodied the intended spirit of the day. Looking back a almost a year later, we wouldn't change a thing.

  • Sandra King-St.Romain
    Sandra King-St.Romain November 6, 2018 at 8:37 am

    To my godson and his beautiful wife, words can't express how proud I am for you. May God keep you under His wings. Continue to put God first.

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