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4 Engagement Session Prep Tips

4 Engagement Session Prep Tips | Josh + Emily

Christy Odom Photography

North San Diego County Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

1.  Clothing Choices - Take Movement into Consideration

While you may be expecting the "stand still, look at the camera and smile" photos, your photographer will probably want to get you moving around doing a bit more.  Try on your picture clothes ahead of time.  Can you dance, twirl, squat, be lifted up and carried into the ocean in your outfit?  Can you roll up your pants if need be to venture out into the water?  If your clothing is tight or restrictive, or you have concerns about it, make sure you photographer is aware so he/she can work with you to make everything goes as smoothly as possible.

2.  Be Flexible

We had rain in the forecast almost the entire time our couple was going to be in town.  Not only did we want want a break in the rain for their session, but I really wanted some gorgeous sunshine to peak through to give the session more sparkle.  Josh and Emily were extremely flexible and willing to be ready whenever that perfect time might be.  It's so important to find a photographer that you can trust to work with you who is looking out for your success.

3.  Remember this is Practice for your Wedding Day

Ideally you're having your engagement photos taken by your wedding photographer.  This is the perfect time to get familiar with each other, posing, direction, etc.  Let your photographer know if you have a best side or a concern about a feature or two.  He or she can direct you how to minimize areas you may  feel self conscious about.  It's also a good idea to mention these concerns as you're planning your session with your photographer, so he or she can direct you towards clothing that may be the most flattering.

If you have questions or concerns about how the session is going, this is the perfect time to speak up since the timeline probably isn't as rigid on engagement photo day.  Your photographer is there to help you shine!  You'll be working together as a team, so it's best to get familiar with the game plan.

4. Begin with the End in Mind

Plan your session with the end in mind.  Emily wanted to use her engagement photos as part of her wedding suite.  Her wedding color is white - so unique and pretty - florals, bridesmaids dresses - gorgeous!  It was important to help her choose outfits, location and photography style to enhance the look of her wedding.  Not only does your wedding invitation suite help set the tone for the wedding festivities, but your photographer will take great care to style and photograph your wedding stationary to be displayed along with the other wedding details in your wedding album.

Good luck with your upcoming wedding plans!

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