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5 Engagement photo tips for the perfect Save the Date

An engagement photo shoot is an exciting way to capture moments of your personality while you and your Fiancé spend time with one another. Not only will the photos make a great Save the Date to send to your family and friends but this time can be great to get to know your potential wedding photographer. So take this opportunity to let the photographer get to know you and find that comfort zone with one another for the big day. So, if you have just said "YES!" or are looking to create some special moments, we have come up with our TOP 5 photo tips to help you create the perfect Save the Date photo. And know that while not everyone can be as camera-friendly, the key thing to remember is: Be confident and be yourself. Everything else will fall into place after that.

destination save the date

Destination Save the Date. Photo by Studio Castillero

Photo tip #1: LOCATION When you choose a location that you are familiar with, the more comfortable you will be in front of the camera. Think about a meaningful place for the both of you as there may be plenty of photo opportunities available. Perhaps a favorite restaurant you like to go together or maybe the city you both met in. Think of it as a taking a trip down memory lane from the location of where you first met or had your first date to a special place in the current city or town you will start your life together. Of course weather and the time of the year can also serve its purpose so be prepared for Mother Nature and use it to your advantage for the perfect setting. Timing of the day also plays an important part in the available natural light for the photographer to work. Often great lighting is available right after sunrise or before sunset.

wedding save the date blush

Simple Seal Save the Date. Photo by Studio Castillero

Photo tip #2: HAIR, MAKEUP & WARDROBE Be Camera ready and look your best before the shoot. If you aren‰'t the best at doing your own hair and makeup, perhaps scheduling a wedding make up trial the same day as your engagement photos could be helpful. This way you have checked off another item from your wedding to do list.

When it comes to what to wear, be comfortable in the outfit you choose as it will show in the photos. We suggest planning your outfits together as well so that they compliment with one another. We don‰'t mean wear matching outfits, but rather, wearing colors that complement each other. The end result should be that you are both dressed on the same level of dressiness or casualness, like you‰'re headed to the same place. Try pieces that have common shades or even bright hues that will pop from the background. Can‰'t decide between two outfits? Why not bring both for a wardrobe change. You can even ask your photographer for their opinion as to what will look best with the location.

save the date bride and groom running
Photo tip #3: ACTION
Stop over thinking and don‰'t worry about what pose to create next, leave that to the
photographer to direct.
The best photos taken are of the couple in their natural, comfortable element; what you see is
what you get.
So remember to relax, laugh with one another, smile, and have fun together as you take in the
save the date with ice cream
Photo tip #4: USE PROPS
Now that you have your location in mind and scored the perfect outfit, think about bringing
some props to liven up the shoot. If you chose a landscape scene, pack a picnic basket and a
blanket to lie down on. Perhaps you and your Fiancé can take a bike ride down your favorite
bike path. Even something as simple as eating your favorite ice cream can make a big
impression in a photo. From Balloons to Flowers to vintage bottles, a prop can make a big
difference when added to the photo.
save the date on scooter

Incorporating a favorite hobby or pastime into your shoot can be a great way of showing your personality as a couple. You can bring one of your favorite games to the park or your favorite coffee shop. Take a stroll one Saturday morning while shopping at a flea market. Even hopping in the car or on your Vespa for a drive down the street can be fun! Each everyday activity can say so much. Another idea, bring your Pet with you and let him or her be a part of the shoot; after all they are a part of this relationship too.Finally, don‰'t be afraid to brainstorm your ideas with your photographer before the shoot. Browse through our variety of PHOTO SAVE THE DATES prior to meeting with your photographer. If there is a a favorite design you like, share this with them so they can make sure they know what you have in mind. Ready with your photo but not sure which design works best? Contact us, we‰'re happy to help!

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