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Wedding photography is challenging, fun and exciting wrapped up into one special day to watch people come together for a lifetime. I began 2b|Photography in 2012, and specialized in weddings shortly thereafter in 2014.

Entering our third year, I have quickly realized the privilege to walk beside a bride through her big day. Many other vendors may only be there for catering the reception or provide music throughout the ceremony. As photographers, we are the calming face if the tuxes didn't show up on time or help the bride stay calm as the ceremony is running late. We are the professional reassurance to the bride that everything is under control, we've seen this happen before, and we will continue the day as she envisioned.

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My favorite part of the wedding day is right after the ceremony, because I'm normally one of the first people to say "Congratulations!" I also enjoy photographing the small details. The dress. The shoes. The jewelry. It's an easy thing to miss, but it really means a lot to the bridal party to see you paid attention.

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The ceremony and venue tied together perfectly for this wedding. The strong, aged columns beside the door were complimented by the soft pink roses and dress. As you are shooting, there are many opportunities to capture "the right" photo. In this sequence, I caught the nervous smiles between the couples as they remember the reason why they are standing in front of 200+ people.

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The 2b|Photography Team truly emphasizes a complete experience. From the time of the initial wedding consult to the grand reveal after the wedding, we build a great relationship with the bridal party. We provide authentic, candid photos, capturing the natural flow of the event. I've never been one to force a style onto the situation, because every wedding is different and we want to showcase each client's relationship.


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