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oxana Alex Photography

In modern times, having several pictures of oneself is absolutely normal. There are cameras in phones, computers, anything. But, when I grew up, I did not have any photos of myself. This sense of loss sparked a strong desire. I needed to take ever-lasting memories of my children through the art of photography. How could I master this? What could I leave behind for my  children so that they did not feel the same loss that I once did? And so, I began studying photography.

At first, my goal was to maintain precious moments of my children. After showing my work to my friends, I started to receive requests. They wanted me to take photos of their children and families too. It all started small and I realized that I could really do this for a living. Suddenly, I’m booked with clients and my business boomed.

Developing these frozen moments in time, for all their friends and family to see, has been the greatest pleasure. I have been focusing my work on families, babies and expecting mothers.

One of my favorite shoots was for my dear friend, Concepción

When I take maternity photos, I like to use the natural beauty that the client has and add my own sense of whimsy and wonder. The goal is to create a glowing, gentle, and elegant touch to each photo. I do some editing afterwards. But, mostly, the work goes into making sure that the clients are satisfied and comfortable. Sometimes, I play around with accessories, lighting, and set-up. One funny story with Concepción’s shoot is when I really wanted to photograph her in a milk bath. I had seen them all over the internet and they looked so perfect for this idea I had. I purchased powdered milk, as it said to online. And it actually did not go according to planned and the tub water was green. I ended up purchasing real milk for this shoot and I just laughed at how messy it all was. Ultimately, the photo shoot worked out wonderfully.

I’m very blessed that I get to do what I love. It’s a lot of hard work and it‘s quite rewarding. I can spend a couple of hours with a client or a day (sometimes more). As long as they’re happy, I’m happy."

here is the link you you want to see the video of the milk bath shoot :