Wedding Invitation Paper Types

Matte Cardstock

  • Better for text and graphic only invitations
  • Most popular choice
  • 110lb premium, white, smooth cardstock

Semi-gloss Cardstock

  • Best for photos
  • Colors are most vibrant
  • 120lb premium, white, smooth card stock

Cream Cardstock

  • Cannot be used for photo invitations
  • Matte paper
  • 110lb premium, cream, smooth cardstock

Shimmer Metallic Cardstock

  • Perfect for any invitation
  • Subtle shimmer finish
  • 110lb premium, off-white, smooth cardstock
Are your invitations printed on photo paper?
Absolutely not.  We only sell premium products. As such, we do not offer cheap, flimsy photo paper as a paper option.  Cardstock has a much heavier weight, does not have branding such as "Fuji film" printed all over the back.  Because we use a high quality press, your photos will still look incredible, plus you'll have the added benefit of knowing you received a custom product, not a run-of-the-mill invitation sold from a grocery store. 
Which is the better choice?
Don't worry, they're all nice options. It really comes down to personal preference. If you have time, you can always order a sample, one of each type, as a comparison.
Semi-gloss Paper
Semi-gloss paper has a harder, almost plastic surface to it. This surface forces the ink to sit on top of the paper and lets very little soak into the paper fibers. This tends to enhance the ink and produce a more vibrant color, reds will be redder, blues will be bluer, and so forth. Because of this, pictures tend to be clearer and will appear to have a better print quality. When asked, we will always recommend that invitations with a lot of photos be printed on semi-gloss paper. Not because photos look bad with matte but because photos look better on semi-gloss.
Matte Paper
Matte paper, unlike semi-gloss paper, does not have that hard almost plastic surface to it. With this surface gone the ink is not forced to sit on top of the paper. As a result the ink is allowed to soak into the paper fibers more. This "soaking" tends to dull down the colors a bit. Matte however, is our most ordered paper and is the trend in invitations today. When asked, we will recommend this paper to those that may only have one or two small photos. We will always recommend this paper for invitations that have no photos at all.
Cream Paper

Cream paper is identical to our matte paper in terms of weight, texture and finish.  Ink reacts the same on our cream paper, as it does on our matte paper, with one exception. On cream paper the colors will change slightly. 

In the print world, there is no such thing as white ink. As such, printers rely on the paper to provide the white needed to produce images accurately.   Whenever you see a printed document with white text or white areas, chances are those are the only areas on the page where no ink was used at all.  Everything was printed around these areas leaving the paper untouched.  This is why we do not print photo invitations on cream paper.  If we did, everywhere that is white on the photo would be cream.

Shimmer Paper

It shimmers, it sparkles, it glistens! Shimmer premium specialty paper adds a subtle shimmer finish to any invitation and a soft glow to photos for a stunning visual effect. Shimmer paper is a great option for anyone who wants to take their invitation to the next level, this paper will make any design radiate with brilliance. Try shimmer paper on your invitation and see how they make you shine!

How will the paper feel in my hand?

Our semi-gloss paper is glossy on both sides and is 120lb premium smooth cardstock. The plastic like finish on both sides paper thickness will make the paper feel really stiff, and smooth. As a comparison, standard cardstock rates at around 60lb and a regular sheet of paper at 24lb. It is not uncommon to find invitation companies only using 80lb stock.

Our matte paper is 110lb premium smooth cardstock. At 110lb it is slightly thinner than our semi-gloss stock. Unless you're a professional printer you will not be able to detect a difference between the thickness. Because this paper lacks the plastic like finish on both sides it is not as stiff as our semi-gloss paper.

Is there nicer paper available than what you offer?
There are thousands of different types of cardstock available, each with their own distinct texture, grain, weight and look. You may prefer the look of one of these papers to ours; everyone is entitled to an opinion. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a better quality. So order confidently knowing that your items will be printed on the highest quality cardstock with the latest in printing technology.